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Thai Salad

- Mushrooms

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  - Shrimps or Squids or Mussels or Beef Call For Detail!
  - Mixed Seafood Call For Detail!
Smoother Salad with sliced cold cucumber, shreded carrot, sweet chili paste, traffic
light oniion, red cabbage, lettuce, tossed with homemade sauce and cilantro.
Larb Style - Tofu, Ground Chicken, Ground Pork

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We served salad with ground roasted rice power, mint leaves, thin lemongrass,

 cucumber, traffic light oniion, shredded carrot, lettuce, tossed with homemade sauce.

Satay Chicken Salad

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Mixed green salad topped with grilled chicken satay-served with peanut sauce.
Yum Woon Sen (Also available in Vegetarian)

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Silver noodles salad with prawns or squid or tofu tossed in spicy dressing.

Som Tum (Papaya Salad)

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Papaya salad with dry shrimps, green beans, tomatoes and ground peanut in Thai dressing.

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